June 18, 2009

Special delivery

There’s a lot that I like about trying to live a more trash-free existence. Not the least of which is we’re forcing ourselves to think more about our meals, as menus need to be planned ahead of time, rather than just picking up something prepared and packaged (and yes, probably processed).

What I do miss, particularly in this last week or so, as almost every day seems to involve some end-of-year school activity that gets us home late, tired and hungry, is ordering food for delivery.

Mexican food is a possibility, as a burrito could, in theory, be simply wrapped in recyclable aluminum foil.

But there’s no way that our local Chinese restaurant could send out our sesame chicken and steamed vegetable dumplings without four different plastic containers, a dozen or so packages of soy sauce, duck sauce and spicy mustard, and enough plastic forks to serve a small army. Not to mention the plastic bag. The one time that I actually requested no plastic, we got extra of everything, either out of miscommunication, or spite.

And alas, who knows when we’ll order sushi again. The only way I can imagine it working is if I go there to pick up my fish, holding out my plate, Oliver Twist-like… please sir, I’ll take my maki to go…

No, if it’s sushi I want, I think it’ll be sushi I make…. which will be a whole other blog post.

Stay tuned.

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