June 30, 2009

The end of the Trash-Free month! (or is it?)

Well, we made it through our trash-free June.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t always fun. There were some challenging moments.

Daniela hauled a lot of compost from 110th Street to Union Square. Daisy missed her occasional plastic toy purchase. Charlotte still has nightmares about the homemade toothpaste (“It burns! It burns!”) But we did it, and we did it together.

It felt good to really limit the amount of garbage we put into the system.

It was nice to buy most of our food at the Farmer’s market, and make our own yogurt, cheese and bread.

Our hats off to three girls for going along with the whole idea, and for making the critical discovery that Edy's ice cream is plastic-free.

So the big news (to us anyway) is that it’ll be a trash-free summer!

This idea was not met with universal cheers at home. In the interest of family harmony, we may ease the rules occasionally. But the girls understand that the whole point of this exercise was to increase our awareness and understanding of this disposable society, and to change what we can, even if it’s just the five of us.


  1. Hey :)

    I only just found your blog and you've finished a month; which I've enjoyed speed reading about - I'll be back for a proper read later.

    Well done on your successes and I'm so pleased (but not surprised!) that you have decided to continue.

    best of luck with your waste free summer!

    mrs Green

  2. Congratulations, and a big WOOT to your family. As you know, I've been following your story, keeping my readers updated on your activity. Glad to see you intend to continue most of your new approaches to sustainable living.

    It was interesting to see some of the feedback I received from some. Most liked to hear what you were doing, but some didn't understand the plastic free attempt. I had to defend your experiment several times that this was as much as anything else, "the whole point of this exercise was to increase our awareness and understanding of this disposable society."

    You can check out my latest update on your story if you like at www.EcoFootprintSolutions.com

  3. I produce a radio show in San Francisco called LIVE FROM THE LEFT COAST with Angie Coiro. We'd like to have you on the program as a phone guest.
    Gordon Whiting
    gordon {at} broadsidegroup.net