May 22, 2009

Getting Ready...

We are a New York City family, and we are freaked out by the Trash Swirl.  We want to reduce the way we rely on plastic.  We want to reduce the amount of pre-packaged STUFF that comes into our house.  SO...we are going to try to live TRASH-FREE for the month of June.  We will bring into our house only thing that can be recycled or composted.   

That means not only steering clear of plastic bags, but looking out for the way that the things we buy are packaged.  For one month, we won't buy anything that is shrink-wrapped, or wrapped in  that hard plastic, or anything that is itself plastic-y.

It will be a huge change but we are going to try it.   We have been inspired by the New Zealand couple who lived "rubbish-free" for a whole year, allowing themselves to generate only one bag of trash during that time.  (See what they did at    

One more week until we go trash-free.         Join us?

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